le volpi e l'uva, firenze

salsiccia crostone It seems that now that the weather has warmed up, all I want to do is to plan the next vacation. And this year, that is to a new house. Oh yea, with a new baby. So, I don't exactly feel hard done by in any which way. But it is fun to think about the possibilities. Like say, Seattle. Love that place, nice and cool and calm. Ridiculously yummy too. Then there is Italy, and well, that's when things get a little funny. Because I, albeit abashedly, haven't even finished telling you about the last trip there, which is pretty ridiculous considering that it is now... just about April. But, then again, I really should document this stuff, because I just can't spend all that time planning it out, to not tell you about it. And there's still some pretty spectacular stuff to go, I think it just took me this long to feel "unfull". Just trust me, somewhere about week three of the trip, Jeff, my Mom, Dad, and I, were all pretty much done with eating. Although, it would only last for a couple hours or so, and then we were back on track. But it gets to you. Plus, the heat. Yes, the days we were in Florence were hot. The fact that it is almost summer again, actually makes me excited about enjoying some very, very hot weather. Now, it isn't hot like you would think. It's not humid, or hot just because you are in the sun. It is hot because Florence is like a giant clay oven, and you just never cool off. Air-conditioning in Europe doesn't mean quite the same thing it does, in say, Texas. Just because you wander into a shop or a restaurant doesn't mean to quickly grab for a sweater. This is a good thing. A very good thing, and much less wasteful to be sure. But it's hot, and I miss it. There is something quite satisfying about being so tired of the heat, to actually want to be cold again. Despite the heat, or perhaps in spite of it, we made the most of la dolce vita by sitting back and enjoying a sip or two of wine. Le volpi e l'uva, or the fox and the grapes, was recommended to me many times over, and so I was certain to make a point of stopping by. le volpi e l'uva I am very glad we did. There is not a lot of room inside, nor outside either. Not that this is strange for Italy, but for a place with a website, I was a little surprised (yes, many places have websites now, but so do many places that are large and well.... semi-terrible). Jeff and I sat outside while we rested our feet before walking from the Palazzo Pitti area, but before the Ponte Vecchio. We were nearly satiated by foaming at the mouth over the menu; it is simple, and to the point. You come here for wine, and of course, wine must not be consumed without the proper accoutrement, a bite to eat. I wanted to eat everything. I suspect not so many others have this same problem. Prosecco, being cooler, was almost always a nice way to start nearly every meal. Refreshing. I also dream of these little tuna sandwiches on a soft bread with crunchy little cipolline onions inside. Oh and it has armagnac too; aka tonno cipolline e armagnac. prosecco e panini, volpi e l'uva The crostone, or word for large crostini, was some bread toasted with cheese and speck. We ordered this again later in our "snack". Delicious. salsiccia crostone A little bite of some salami, mortadella, and beautiful Italian tomatoes was fantastic with our red wine.... of which I have no recollection. Perhaps we had more than one glass? I don't seem to remember. I guess I will have to go back, and try several more of them. snack at volpi e l'uva Le volpi e l'uva - is just off the main road on a little side street between the Ponte Vecchio and the Palazzo Pitti. Sounds impossible, but most directions you will receive in Italy are just as simple as that. Don't worry, look for Piazza dei Rossi, 1. Please save some nibbles for me.


Miranda said...

wow...I want to travel VERY badly, but I think we are stuck in the U.S. until my babies get older.
This looks so yummy!!

Global Patriot said...

Sounds like such a delightful trip, though most anywhere is nice when there's a glass of Prosecco close by!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I'm listening!
Tell us every detail about your last trip to Florence. I'll be there in less than a month. Let me know your 'not to misses'

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