summer, at last

I suppose you could say that I've been a little bored. Or perhaps that isn't quite accurate, it's more like uninspired. In the last few months I've had a strange myriad of health concerns, all of which seem like they have just magically... vanished. Of course, I'm thrilled! However, in the meantime, creating the most fantastically rich and sinful ice creams, sugary popsicles, or tender and juicy chops on the grill, haven't exactly felt like priorities when simultaneously reading about all-kale-all-the-time diets. Yes, I've read it all. And then some.

Pair this with the pressure of feeding an infant who is the spitting image of me, and the pressure mounts to ensure he does not have the same strange symptoms. Of course, I had to wonder just how similar he is, and the great motherly protective nature just increased nearly infinitely...

I suppose you'll see a few changes around here in the long term. Although, don't worry, I'm sure I will get back to eating some semblance of dessert eventually. It will probably have kale in it though, just in case.

As I get back to sharing, I'll be looking for inspiration. So why not start with everything I'd love to eat in August? Here's a teaser from Pinterest, where you can virtual pin boards of inspiration and share them with friends.

August Eats Pinterest


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