world's richest chocolate-hazelnut ice cream

This is so unbelievably rich, you will hardly believe it. I prefer to make ice cream from absolute scratch for my own peace of mind. But, in a pinch, this will do much more than make do. It's absolutely sinful. 1 can of condensed milk 2 cups of whipping cream 1 cup of nutella 1. Place an empty container, that will later hold the ice cream, into the freezer to cool. 2. Combine the ingredients in the blender. Decide who will lick the nutella spoon. 3. Pour the mixture into the ice cream dasher, and freeze according to manufacturer's directions. 4. Freeze for at least another 1-2 hours, depending upon freezer temperature. 5. Serve, and do at least try to share.


Jenn said...

I wish I had an ice cream maker right about now.

The Hungry Mouse said...

Yum! Love, love, love the combination of chocolate and hazelnut. Happy birthday!


Julie said...

Thanks for this. Want to come to the gym with me? Seriously, this has shot to the absolute top of my must-make list. (Oddly there are several other ice creams on the list too - perhaps August should be ice cream month?)

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