game food, well kinda

I'll admit it.  I didn't even watch the Superbowl game yesterday.  Not even the half-time show.  Well, I saw a snippet, but it was just so unbearable I figured, why bother?  We don't even get the good commercials in Canada anyways.  I had a baby to play with, so that was more fun.

We did make some game-style food anyways.  There were mini-calzones stuffed with capicollo, basil, mozzarella, and vegetable spread.  We also made a version of the famous sandwiches available at the Nerbone food stall located in the Mercato Centrale in Florence.  Basically, it's a better version of beef dip, what it was destined to be in a better life.  Boiled meat doesn't sound quite as appetizing does it?  Bollito does though!  Then we had walnut and chocolate chip brownies with Nutella ice cream for dessert.  Somehow the only shot of that was... after the fact.

I make the dough, and Jeff makes the calzones.  Once again, the secret is a very, very hot oven.  We use a pizza stone pre-heated to 550 degrees Fahrenheit on convection.  Also, when it is cold outside, I place my dough in the microwave to rise.  I turn it on for 30 seconds, and let the dough sit for as long as time allows.
making mini-calzone

making mini-calzone

I think they look sort of cute. But, I like the look of raw dough; it looks so cushy!
soft mini-calzone

If only my oven was always full of these little puffs of deliciousness.... sigh.
mini calzone

gooey cheesey mini-calzone

Here's the resulting bollito, served on a crusty roll with salsa verde with parsley and capers, all alongside some broth for dunking. It was adapted from David Rocco;  we used a whole roast, and cooked it for a few hours.  You could actually cook it indefinitely.  The tender meat, and soft carrots from the broth was great for baby too.  I missed the chile sauce, but it just didn't happen.  There's always next time!

Apologies! The brownie recipe is here, and the bacio ice cream recipe is here though!

p.s. I know I promised fries. Soon! I promise! I also need to tell you about Charcut! Okay, now it's all in writing, it has to all get done. Stay tuned.

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