bar cucciolo, firenze

cucciolo pastries In Florence, I love Bar Cucciolo. Why? Because it has everything you want in a bar, and everything is good, and you can sit down AND there's a washroom. Plus, it's honest service with an honest smile. Every time I go, it's kinda like going home. Nothing that exciting or mind-blowingly exotic, but reliable and good. Really, you can get most anything, and go any time of day (but not Sundays), whether it be a morning cappuccino (breakfast for 4 was about 8 Euro), or an aperitivo spritz, freshly squeezed orange juice, or heated sandwiches and pizzas - it's all good and super reasonable. I'll admit that it wasn't anywhere near the best breakfast we had in Florence, but it wasn't the worst either. I go to Cucciolo when I don't want an enormous meal, but I still want something good. It's best when you just want a little snack, or a light meal. I was so enamored with my new favorite sandwich that somehow there's no photo... but it has a few thin slices of ham, a few slices of hard-boiled eggs, and a creamy sauce with mushrooms. Love it. There's a gigantic display case with dozens of sandwiches and pizzas, with a very gentle man ready to take your order. Order. Sit. Eat. Pay after. lovely shop Pastries galore. cucciolo display Bar Cucciolo, Via del Corso, 25/R, Florence, Italy +39 055 287727


eeyoreblues27 said...

Are washrooms really that hard to come by in Florence? ;)
I love your picture, it's absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

We also love bar Cucciolo. Cakes are the best in the world and the employments are greats, they gave us a cake the last day of our stay. We also recommend the ice cream of "La Carraia", incredibles

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