borgo trattoria

Eggplant "fritta" with fennel yogourt.  Looks good right?

Yes. We did it. Jeff and I finally made it out of the house for a date! Yes, I know it's nearly unbelievable, and we are both still pinching ourselves even though it was over a week ago.

Soon to be Calgary's newest hot-spot, if it's not already, Borgo Trattoria is the obvious choice for a casual day or night adventure with friends, family, and even romance. Borgo is the brainchild of Capo's Giuseppe di Gennaro, and is tucked away in Mount Royal Village Shops, just off 17th Ave SW. Borgo is modern and sleek, but also familial and jovial. It is designed for everyday enjoyment, but with a touch of refinement.

Things I love about Borgo. It's Italianness. The all day bar/caffe/eating/watering/gathering place. Italian cocktails that I didn't have to fly over the Atlantic to enjoy. Food value. People watching.

I feel the value for food needs some emphasis. The portions are decidedly small, as in a Venetian cicheti wine bar experience, as are the prices. Want a meatball? That's $2. The menu is designed for tasting, to accompany a drink and more importantly, a good time with friends. If one is to order many different dishes to whet the palate, then large portions are ill-suited to this pursuit. Of course, there is nothing stopping anyone from ordering multiple portions of the items they enjoy the most to make the volume of food larger and price-comparable to family chain restaurants. Have I had a better arancino? Sure, but one can't really compare the arancini at a night market on the main piazza of a nearly forgotten small Italian village either. Did I order more arancini after the first one? Guilty as charged.

I dare say Calgary has a spectacular offering of high-end fine dining restaurants. It is refreshing to find that I am not the only one who thinks we need more restaurants in the middle price range with exceptional food, offering a good value.

It's newness and seeming popularity, hopefully doesn't make it blissfully unaware, as there are kinks to be worked out. But gauging from Gennaro's track record at Capo with exceptional service and food, I am hopeful for Borgo's future. We definitely enjoyed the night and are plotting our next escape to Borgo.

Oh right. For the first time, EVER, someone asked me why I was taking pictures! And it was the manager. My response? "Oh for fun." It is technically true though!

Aperol negroni. This gives me chills up my spine just thinking about it!

Bucatini "Amatriciana".  I love to make this at home too.

Plump little gnocchi.  This was exceptionally filling, but worth every bite!

Flank steak (on left), veal (near top), green beans, and borlotti beans.

One of my favourite preparations for the humble green bean is paired with tomato sauce.

Flank steak, one of my favourite dishes of the night.

Veal with sage butter.

One can never have too much dessert.

Borgo Trattoria
818 16 Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2R 0S9
7 days a week, 7:30am - until late, no reservations
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The Celiac Husband said...

It's a great place.
Went last week and had Arancini tos tart, followed by Pasta.
Excellent food.

Also offering GF Pasta, so I can bring the family next time.

MJ said...

looks delicious!!!!

做愛 said...


joey said...

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