caffe rosso

Have a heart.
heart latte

Or a swan.
swan latte

Gorgeous and delicious latte's aren't all that is on offer at Caffe Rosso, in the community of Ramsay, Calgary. The baked goods are also extra fabulous, including this granola bar with poppy seeds and sliced almonds.
granola at caffe rosso

It was so very good, that in fact, I just had to try the chocolate beet cake too. It was quite perfect, and somehow, it seemed to disappear a little too quickly for my liking.
chocolate beet cake

One of the few café's in Calgary with outdoor seating, and no significant traffic, besides parking for the shop.
caffe rosso

Perhaps, we enjoyed more than one latte each, as they were so very good on a beautiful autumn day.... We also enjoyed a tasty Italian cured meats panini with olives and a pickle on the side.
the spread, caffe rosso

Latte fabulousness at Caffe Rosso.  My newest addiction.
latte art, caffe rosso

Check out Caffe Rosso in the Ramsay exchange development, just off of Spiller Rd in Southeast Calgary.
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Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Just the sight of that REAL cappuccino is enough to make me smile.
another friday's favorite for sure :-)

Julie said...

My favourite coffee place! I live in the 'hood, so it's like my second office.. let me know next time you're going!

Christine Liu said...

Hi Gail,

I'm OBSESSED with latte art, too! Thanks so much for the gorgeous photos.

I'm the community manager at Urbanspoon and I wanted to invite you to be a featured blogger on the site. I found you from the blogroll of "are you gonna eat that?" - one of our favorites :)

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Cheers + happy spooning!
Christine {at} urbanspoon {dot} com

Christine Liu said...

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Enjoy! Christine

Cheryl Arkison said...

I'll happily meet you there with the babes any day!

Unknown said...

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