dry soda vanilla and cucumber

*graphic from DRY Soda website On a trip to Seattle, I was lucky to discover DRY soda. It is a gourmet soda or pop that has deliciously unique flavours. Lavender, kumquat, rhubarb, and lemongrass were the ones I had enjoyed on the trip. Kumquat and rhubarb were my faves, but lavender is also ridiculously enticing. It's all about the light scent. Sounds unusual, but it is also unusually delicious. I have to admit, that I am not often a consumer of soda, but these aren't too sweet and syrupy. They have an essence of the flavour, without it becoming too overpowering and obtrusive. There's just enough there to pique the intrigue of your taste buds. I just found out that there is also vanilla and a new cucumber flavour. The vanilla sounds like heaven in a bottle, and the cucumber must be downright refreshing. Now I just have to source them out without hopping South to the US border to check them out. There always has to be a project at hand... Check them out if you have a chance, they are quite the perfect non-alcoholic summer beverage without mixing up your own concoction. And do let me know if how you like the cucumber, and vanilla flavours!


Michael @ Herbivoracious.com said...

I like the Dry sodas a lot too, especially the rhubarb. They are fantastic for cocktail mixers.

Cheryl Arkison said...

The cucumber would make a great drink mixed with gin and lime. Ooh, I can almost taste it.

Anonymous said...

Transcend Coffee (at least the Garneau branch) has them. I've had the juniper and the rhubarb -- cucumber is next!


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