black & white

1.             2.            3.
   silkkikuikka mug           silkkikuikka coffee cup               medium bowl    

4.                         5.                   6.


7.                        8.                       9.

There are few things quite as classic as black and white.  Isn't there a reason tuxedos are black and white?  Or how about that classic little black dress?   These are a few HOT black and white kitchen items at the moment.
1.  silkkikuikka mug from Marimekko
2. silkkikuikka coffee mug from Marimekko
3.  medium bowl from Marimekko
4.  Cubic placemat from Chilewich
5.  Dots from Chilewich
6.  teapot from Marimekko
7.  Peacock Dinnerware from Anthropologie
8.  Square Appetizer Plate from JB Prince
9.  The Lady's Apron from Anthropologie


Vincci said...

That apron is simply divine! Can't wait till Anthropologie opens in Chinook in November!

gail said...

OH MY GOD!!!!!! I just about flew around the house with excitement! HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS????? I have practically only bought clothes from there the last three years - this is way too exciting. Pathetic yes. But now I won't be able to sleep. THANKS VINCCI!!!!!!

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