Vegas Baby!

Yes, I know it's snowing in Las Vegas. Or at least, it was snowing there yesterday. But we are at the airport awaiting departure. It shouldn't be more than a few hours until the adventure begins, so expect updates shortly! There's only one real problem; Jeff wants to start with a pastry from Payard, and I want dim-sum from Zine, in the Palazzo. Delectable difficulties, oh darn! p.s. towing a new Canon 5D MarkII !


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

HAVE FUN!! :-)

gail said...

Thanks VeggieGirl!! I can't wait (especially now that it's delayed!!)

Thumbing Luxury said...

Both Jeremy and I are EXTREMELY jealous. FYI, it is possible to salivate about a camera!!
Also- made your acorn squash and coconut soup to rave reviews the other night. YUM!!
Enjoy your trip!! See you when you get back!!!

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