Gastro - wha???

Trust me it's gastronomica for good, very, very good. After planning a trip to try some of the best restaurants in Italy, there is only one thing you want to happen....to do the entire trip again! However, if i could, I would want to eat at Arnaldo's Clinica Gastronomica, in Rubiera, every night, or every night for the rest of my life if I could.... It is THAT good. Next time, I would also stay at the hotel and explore the area with a car during the day....then have a 9pm reservation for at least a week straight. I would want to try everything on every cart...at least a taste. The easiest way to describe how Arnaldo's works is a little bit like many dim sum restaurants. There are several carts or trolleys, and the server puts the final touches on the dishes. The only exception to this is pasta. I am certain that I could live on the antipasto cart alone. Okay, if you doubt me, that is fine - you are correct - I would also require the wine list and their puffy, salty gnoccho fritto. Jeff ordered a taste of everything on the antipasto cart, and I ordered prosciutto and melon. The prosciutto is cut traditionally, by hand. Every item I snagged from Jeff's plate was sublime, and so was the service throughout our meal. There is great pride in every dish, and in their exceptional service. Arnaldo's is recognized by Michelin. But it isn't just about service; at Arnaldo's you will find the best gnocchi, period. Perfectly plump. Each gnocchi melts in your mouth, before you even noticed it was there. I will spend the rest of my life trying to recreate gnocchi like that in my own kitchen, dreaming to the day I will get back to Arnaldo's. The "special" Arnaldo's pasta with mushrooms and cheese was also exceptional. It was so rich, and so flavourful. But just in case my appetite was not yet sated, the semifreddo with zabaglione was also ....absolutely perfect. You would find that Italians love Arnaldo's too. There are families with children, and beautiful young couples in glamorous designer clothing - their Ferrari's waiting outside. Piazza XXIV Maggio, 3 Rubiera (RE) Tel. 0522 626124


Bridging Jones said...

Holy cow!! Delicious post and wonderful pictures- and more than anything, please allow me the envy: planning a trip to Italy just around the restaurants?? My dream- although family and friends will prevent this from ever happening (unless we move back!).
Wonderful post, thanks!

Saucytart said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. my idea of heaven on earth. lucky you!

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