Now I get it. Potlucks are so fantastic because you are lucky to only have to make a lot of one thing, and still get to eat a nice variety of food. And who throws the best potlucks? Julie Van Rosendaal. Yep, she bravely opened her doors to whomever responded to a post on her blog.  There were literally streams of people walking down the street with large containers of food.  How cool is that?!

I'll admit that we are always looking for something to do between the general hours of 3-7pm, which  can't involve anything too fancy, or be too far away.  There definitely needs to be some food and the possibility for Carter to do at least a little wiggling. I also had been baking up a cookie and brownie storm for Music for Autism, so I just kept on baking.  I had enough cookies for the potluck too.  Julie's potluck was just the thing.

So what did we eat? Well a lot. And Carter even enjoyed eating his first olive.  Yum.  Who knew?

Here's a small taste:


Warm bread and butter. I could never be sure which is better, but I'll giddily settle for both.

Desserts.... I could use that table right about now!

Thanks Julie! And to everyone else too; it's always great to make new friends.


Lisa T said...

So envious that you went! Saturday was N's birthday party, so the potluck was totally out for us. I've been reading Julie's blog from nearly day one. Maybe next time.....

iyelli said...

I wanted to go, but I'd picked up a shift at work. These pictures are making me regret it...lol.

Hornsfan said...

Wow this is quite the delicious spread - pretty sure a bunch of foodbloggers at a potluck beats a work potluck any day!

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