cook your way to better finances? And help me win!

I just finished writing about two things I'm very passionate about - cooking and finances.

I know that isn't the usual stint here, but I am now a guest-blogger in a contest.  Gulp.  I've never entered a contest like this before, and I hope you can help me win!

You can check out the financial tips I wrote (once it's published I'll post the link here), and leave a comment.  It would be so much appreciated! Or even retweet it, or like or share it on Facebook.  You can also share it on any of these networks – Delicious, Digg, Mixx, Google and Yahoo, OldDogg, Tipd and Reddit.

Soon, I'll be sharing my recipe for oven-baked olive oil fries.  They are wickedly good, and pretty darn easy too.  The hardest part is trying not to make more than you should actually eat, well, at least in one sitting.

I have entered the CCC Personal Finance Guest Blogging Contest, with thousands of dollars in prizes. I would like to thank Credit Cards Canada and the sponsors for making the prize money available…

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Geoff said...

Hi Gail,

I didn't see a contact form on your site, so I thought I'd just leave a comment instead.

I was hoping you could help me. I'm trying to clean up some links to my site that Google has penalized me for overuse of keywords. I was wondering if you could please remove the how to buy a car link to "findthebestcarprice" from this post. Thanks so much for your help.


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