Viva Italia in Montepulciano

tuscan drive-by, montepulciano

Okay, so feel free to nag away, but I still haven't finished posting about last summer's Italy trip.  Yes, you heard me correctly, last summer's trip.  Sad, but true.  Some of my favourite moments are still to come!  Like dreamy Montepulciano.

It is the place where you will find the glorious vino nobile di Montepulciano, and where Under the Tuscan Sun was filmed, as it is quite the archetypal Tuscan town.  Not without it's share of tourists of course.  But it is a magical place nonetheless.
kitty cat, montepulciano

So magical, in fact, that it possible to experience serendipitous moments of chance encounters.

It so happens, that I was twittering away from the garden of our spectacular apartment all about my experiences as they occurred,  Pamela Sheldon Johns, cookbook author extraordinaire, and Italian culinary guru, invited me to cool off with a dip in her pool!  Not only was it very, very hot outside, but how could I refuse, regardless?

Off we went.  And here's what we found.
pamela's house

limone at pamela's

Pamela and I.
pamela & I

Delectable edibles from her garden.
visit with pamela sheldon johns, montepulciano

How to cool off in the summer sun.  Did I mention you can stay here?
went for a swim at pamela's house

flower at pamela's house

Pamela truly is a hostess extraordinaire. We had a spectacular, albeit brief meeting, and I can't wait to return to Montepulciano to enjoy one of her workshops. I can't recommend enough that you do the same!


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I love it when you post on Italy... it helps my travel lonely heart.
So many friends are there now. I'm green with envy!

H.Peter said...

We can never read enough about travels to Europe.

Global Patriot said...

I was about to stomp my feet (due to severe jealously) then noticed the links you provided to where you were staying - many thanks for that Gail!

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