lunch at the autogrill

Would you believe that you can eat over top of the Italian Autostrada? Well you can, and here's the view! view from the table Okay, so it's not that exciting of a view considering that it IS Italy, but considering that you are able to eat at what is essentially a gas station on TOP of the freeway, it's kinda novel. It's the Autogrill, and it's an Italian food chain. All things considered, it's pretty good. I mean, I wish there were more "fast food" places in Canada where I could get a salad like this with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. insalata at the autogrill Or this salad with bocconcini and anchovies. insalata, autogrill I'd gladly settle for some roast pork. roast pork, autogrill Or grab some roast potatoes and eggplant....if I had to. eggplant & roast potatoes at the autogrill Heck, even this strawberry cheesecake isn't too shabby. strawberry cheesecake @ autogrill And this is all without ordering from a sit-down menu, or searching endlessly for a family-run restaurant (although you gotta love those). All the food is prepared for the motor traveler to enjoy a quick, but hearty and healthful meal. No, it's not local or organic. And the next time I'm driving from Modena to Montepulciano, I'd rather have a chunk of parmigiano-reggiano and prosciutto. But hey, eating at the Autogrill in Italy is a heck of a lot better than any gas station I've been to anywhere else, and the food resembles real stuff. Will I make a point of stopping at an Autogrill again? Probably not. But the extensive chocolate selection rivals most any gourmet food shop in Calgary, and that is quite tempting in and of itself. Who can argue with that? p.s. Yes, I'm still grappling with HOW exactly I am ever going to finish telling you about last summer's trip to Italy. And it's getting close to the anniversary, I have to hurry!


Joanne said...

I am amazed that that is FAST food. A place like that puts McDonalds to SHAME.

Jason said...

Thats fast food? WOW! Definitely not living in the right area of the world. I would say that is better then what most Americans cook at home.

whataboutsummer said...

looks good for food on the road! I'm not going to worry about traveling anymore :)

H.Peter said...

They make grilled Paninis at those places that are very very good.

Right over the mountains, coming from Austria, usualy my first stop.

Amanda said...

THAT'S fast food? I need to go to Italy!!

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