fri five fave food finds

1. Roasted Cauliflower and White Bean Salad with Orange Olive Oil Dressing - it's a mouthful to say, but it also sounds deliciously fantastic. 2. Crack Pie: It's love at first bite - I need to make this NOW. 3. Chefs Take to Twitter to Vent - feeling the heat. 4. David Rocco's Pasta Anto-Te - I have been meaning to make this creamy, pistachio, rosewater pasta for far too long. I have all the ingredients, enough excuses. 5. Crispy Deep-Fried Ribs - these certainly sound anything but shabby. How about over the top delicious? At least the white bean salad is semi-flexible; too bad the pasta, crack pie, and ribs don't quite make a meal that pairs well together. Oh well, with enough spacing in between, perhaps the dishes could be considered separate meals? Have an amazing weekend!

1 comment:

Global Patriot said...

I've always loved roasted cauliflower, and combining it with the beans is a great touch for both flavor and texture - yum!

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