caffe chiaroscuro and piazza della signoria

chiaroscuro cappuccino I am not really so sure why it has taken me to write this, other than the fact that I have been searching through photos, hoping, praying that somewhere I would find a photo of my favourite cornetto di cioccolatta, or chocolate-filled-croissant. But sadly, somehow, I don't have even a single photo! Alas, I guess I'll have to go back to Florence take a photo of one of the world's best chocolate croissants -- I think it's a great excuse, no? The cornetto in question had an orange-flavoured pastry, and was dusted in cocoa. It was flaky, but not so flaky that it explodes into little bits. The outer shell was lovely in and of itself. But the dark chocolate pudding-like inside, was so very scrumptious, that it had me thoroughly disappointed with virtually every other cornetti on the trip! Honestly though, right now, I would happily nibble at any other cornetti di ciocolatta. However, Caffè Chiaroscuro is particularly fantastic, and it does stand out in my mind as somewhere I will love to return to, time and again. You see, nearly everyday of our month-long adventure in Italy consisted of a daily trip to the "bar", for breakfast. An Italian "bar" is like a local gathering place, to grab a quick bite to eat, and probably more likely for a daily cappuccino in the morning, or a caffè - an espresso anytime thereafter. It's like a little ritual to be repeated over and over, and it is but a fleeting moment, but you want it to last for much, much longer. Cappuccino & bomboloni, an apricot jam-filled donut. Perfection. bomboloni con marmellata At Chiaroscuro, you can order at the bar counter, or for table service in the back. Chiaroscuro is a bit unusual serving specialty coffee drinks, special blends, and loose leaf teas, as well as the usual cappuccini and espresso. But I like the classics best. It is also possible to enjoy an evening aperitivo. chiaroscuro facade We returned to Caffè Chiaroscuro, several days out of our nine mornings in Florence. I think I am in withdrawal.... After the morning coffee, it is fantastic to soak in the delights of Piazza della Signoria, a real world sculpture garden. piazza della signoria Michelangelo's David is housed in the Accademia, but he was originally intended to inspire Florentine's in this spot. This is a copy, but it I cherish the opportunity to see the original place for which great art was intended, especially since it can be a rare event. Please don't think this is just a naked statue of some guy with curly hair. If you look carefully, you can see Michelangelo's vast knowledge and understanding of the body. It is extremely remarkable, but even the smallest details are given attention. The veins on David's right forearm are easily visible and quite prevalent, just as it is when your own hand hangs down at your side; when an arm is up, the veins are no longer plumped with blood, and the veins of David's left hand have receded into his skin. Pure genius. david Caffè Chiaroscuro Via del Corso, 36/r Firenze, Italia Tel: 055 214247


VeggieGirl said...

DEFINITELY a great excuse to go back - do it!! :-D

gail said...

Lets meet there! ;)

H.Peter said...

Though I appreciate all the efforts being put forward in the YYC coffee scene, I am still waiting for that one coffee shop to open, where I actually want to linger.
Like back in Europe.

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