fri five fave food finds

There could not possibly be a much better time, or excuse, to enjoy comfort foods. World economies flounder from moment to moment, the Obamarama drug has yet to take full effect, and to top it all off, baby, it's cold outside. Perhaps there a still few small splurges we can be afforded in such volatile times, when we look for solace in just about anything. Like cheese. 1. Saltspring Island Cheese, is based on the almost surreal hip-community island of its namesake, and produces cheeses of similar goodliness. No hormones, fair-trade, handmade. There are a variety of gorgeous fresh goat cheeses - Chèvre, with edible flowers, chili's and all kinds of goodness. My favourite is the brie-like Juliette; a silky-creamy delight. 2. Shay Cheese is like a cheese-of-the-month club done right, only in Canada mind you. 3. Parmigiano-Reggiano. I can't imagine a better marketing and information outpost than the Parmigiano-Reggiano consortium. The wealth of information about the King of Cheese, is simply unparalleled. 4. The Official Grilled Cheese Blog. There isn't much that could be simpler than grilled cheese. It has been around in some form or other, since Ancient Rome. The combinations are endless; sourdough or ciabatta, white cheddar or smoked gouda? 5. Nothing could be more thrifty than reading about cheese, and the making of cheese. And this one should tide you over for a good amount of time, especially if you want to make cheese, or want to know everything about the cheesemaking process by Professor Arthur R. Hill. If all else fails to cheer you up, it is almost impossible not to smile with vegetables that sing and dance.


Heidi/ Savory Tv said...

OMG how cute is the video! Thank you for putting a smile on my face! Stellar post as well :)

Minnillo said...

Check out this place. re: grilled cheese


Rico said...

nice parmesano vid...very very funny...clicked few sponsors $$

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