'inoteca, nyc

Photobucket I have at least a slight inclination towards restaurants and shops that I wish I lived around the corner from, really, this is a strong preference for all the places I wish were just around the corner from my house. All of the best boulangerie's, gelateria's, patisserie's, and wine bars of the world, just seconds away on foot, or even a short subway ride away. But sadly, as wonderful as that sounds, this close proximity to all things wonderful, just might take out all the fun of travel and discovery. I should probably say discovery loosely, as I do love serendipitous jaunts while traveling, it is very hard to really discover something new. I do plan and read in advance. It's like my flirtation with the idea of travel, and builds excitement about an upcoming trip. Like life, I travel with certain planned destinations along the way. Then there are those points of interest, I had heard about but didn't plan to visit. But then, as you stand there reading a menu with swelling feet, and a growing appetite, you realize this was a destination meant to be all along. Somehow for me, 'intoeca, is one of those places. This past June, I didn't plan to return to 'inoteca, nor did I plan to eat here the first time I did in January 2006. Even though the menu sounded right up my alley, it just didn't grab me. But yet, I've still eaten here twice. When you see the place and the diners, you just want to join in. It's not a destination, until you realize, that it is everything you always wish for (but secretly would never let on) It's not fancy or complicated, and that's why I love it. Just a lot of very good things all on the same menu. The menu features wines by the glass, by the bottle, Italian cheeses, panini, tramezzini, and bruschette. There are also plates of fried items, plates of various items including lasagnette with eggplant or meatballs. There are also plates of a variety of salumi, and there are salads too. I love this menu; refreshingly, there is nothing on it I do not want to eat. The truffle egg toast is a splendid affair, as is the verdure misti (above). The culatello panini with noci and mozzarella, is rich and delicious. The panelle (chickpea fritters) were also tasty. Everything here is just a little bit more unusual (I wish it weren't so), and simply delicious. The dishes are satisfyingly full of flavour, but leave me yearning for more when I am thousands of miles away. Next time I am in New York, I will start my trip here. It's all good. Photobucket

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