Grom Gelateria

I should probably preface this post with my favourite quote, "gelato makes you beautiful." As if anyone needs an excuse for gelato, but it is a fail-proof way to convince female friends to partake in the fun. And sometimes I truly believe, or at least it is a secret wish of mine, that at least a little bit of sweets can't hurt right? Oh if you only knew, how much I do truly adore sweets! And yes, gelato really does make you beautiful - I swear! As part of the NYC eating part of my trip (which sometimes seemed more like a walking tour) I had to make it to GROM, a gelateria import from Italy. I had formerly enjoyed it in their Florence shop, and quite liked it. However, it all began in Turin, and the proprietors wanted to create a product using the best agricultural products available in Italy. There are now three stores in New York City alone, the lines were apparently too long with only one shop! They insist their standards are very strict, using "only fresh and in-season fruit, coming from the best consortia in Italy, no colorings or additives that are not natural, Lurisia mountain water used as a base for sherbets and high-quality whole milk for the creams, organic eggs and selections of the best cocoas and coffees from central America." Basically, this means I have much less guilt about eating the stuff, as my body was meant to digest good stuff like this. As a result of this attention to detail, the quality of the product is very good, and most importantly for me, as close to Italy as I can get without being there. The pistachio was my favourite, and I often use it as a gage for rating the quality of a gelateria. For example, if the pistachio flavour appears too green in colour, as opposed to a brownish-green hue, then the chances are fairly good that there are no real pistachios involved. I loved the pistachio at GROM. I could feel tidbits of pistachio lingering until the next spoonful. Very nice. My other favourite, was the limone granita, essentially a lemon slush, made with lemons from Amalfi. I wish I could enjoy one of these every summer day, a little sweet, a little tart, but very refreshing. Who can resist? I must be a nut, as I really love nut gelato. Pistachio, and hazelnut as nature intended: Limone granita almost as tart, and perhaps more sweet than I!

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