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I love to bake.  There's certainly no secret about that.  Or perhaps, it's just that I love to eat baked treats.  There's certainly no secret about that either.  But certainly, I would give it all up if I had to.

Say for example, if Carter needed treatments not covered by Alberta Health Care, I could give up chocolate, certainly the least of my worries, if it meant extra pennies in the bank just for him.  Or if I had to go to a special parenting program, albeit expensive, and in a foreign country, just to learn how to help him better.  If it's your kid, you just do what it takes.

A local Calgary-area Mom is doing just that.  Her daughter is on the Autism-Spectrum, and everything Rachael has to do to help her, is much, much more than the usual amount of seemingly endless parenting;  it's beyond relentless.  For one thing, her daughter has more than a multitude of food allergies and intolerances, including gluten, dairy, soy, apples, nuts, sugar....  you get the idea.  She used to have to rush to the emergency room after she ate... anything.  As a parent, I can't even begin to imagine what that would be like.  And yes, I think this is timely, considering Mother's Day is around the corner!

Rachael has found that the Son-Rise Program has literally brought her daughter "back to life".  It is a program that essentially teaches parents of children on the Autism-Spectrum, how to communicate with their child, and help them out of the world of autism.  Perhaps, it sounds nearly impossible, but it works.

I love this video, which I think demonstrates the results of the program amazingly well. Just hang in there.

Joaquin's Adventure from mafemaria on Vimeo.

In honour of Rachael Flatt, many Calgary area musicians and friends have created a fundraiser to help her attend an (expensive!) session of the Son-Rise Program.

I am donating a TONNE of baking!  Do you want to contribute some baking too?  Or contribute to the silent auction?  Or perhaps attend the concert, and bid on items in the silent auction?  Here is the event page on facebook.  Here is Anwen's website.

We hear about others that need our help everyday.  Here is a real person, with a beautiful daughter, who needs our help.  Let's do it.

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