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So not only is there a huge, huge, HUGE contest to get cooking, and I even have a few goodies to share too.

The Real Women of Philadelphia and is hosted by Food Network’s Anna Olson. It includes weekly cook-off challenges in order to cast 4 women as brand ambassadors for Philadelphia Cream Cheese, who will each receive $20,000. These women will go on to lead the community in recipe sharing and orchestrating a community cookbook. Pretty cool huh?

Now to get you all revved up, and to ensure we're all in a cream-cheesy spirit, I was thinking that I'd choose three winners from the comments of this post to win an apron and some Philadelphia Cream Cheese vouchers too.

So. Besides cheesecake... sorry but that is just too easy without sending along the entire recipe! What is your absolute favourite recipe to use cream cheese in?

Me? I love to make a number of very thin omelet's, which when stacked up make a gorgeous, but albeit very strange breakfast layer cake. In between the omelets, I alternate between pesto, vegetable spread (red pepper based), and cream cheese. It sounds rather bizarre, but it is absurdly addicting.

Whipped cream with cream cheese is another heart breaker.

I would definitely love to know your favourite way to use cream cheese! And you could win...
The prizes are supplied by Kraft Canada. I have no affiliation with Kraft.


Squishy Burrito said...

I add cream cheese into my pasta casseroles. That's right, I said casserole. Pre-cooked whole wheat penne, chicken pre-cooked in oregano, cream cheese, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, whatever veggies I have. parmasean and extra mozzarella on top. Baked.

iyelli said...

My white chicken enchiladas use a package of cream cheese, plus monterey cheese and are sooo good.

KJB said...

I make a dip to go with nachos which uses cream cheese, cheddar cheese, green onions & salsa. Wish I could call it dinner.

Fareen said...

I mix cream cheese with pesto to make a great pasta sauce.

gail said...

Fareen, Squishy Burrito, and iyelli - email me @ gail . vannes @ gmail.com or contact me on twitter! You've won!

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