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I am finally almost hungry again. It only took five days... I'm sure you can guess what happened. Yes, I ate multiple pastries on Saturday, and they were so very good, that I did the same thing on Sunday.

Now, this has happened before, but at least I was pregnant. All I can say now is that Yann's pastries are just that ridiculously delicious.

If you live in Calgary, or anywhere nearby, I highly recommend making an immediate visit to Yann's Haute Patisserie in Mission. Not only is it family owned and run, but the family also lives right above the bakery. How cool is that! Do note that this never happens in Calgary....

I adore the chocolate croissants from Yann Haute Patisserie
I've been Yann's probably a bit more than sparingly. I've adored every morsel. I've never had anything from Yann's that was less than exceptional. I particularly love their chocolate croissants, which are perfectly flaky, but they don't explode into a million crumbs and make a gigantic mess. They also contain enough chocolate to bring your taste buds to a satisfactory high.

I also adore their skinny baguettes, and yes I know, and they know that pastry shops don't typically carry baguettes, but there was such an overwhelming demand for them, I think they just couldn't refuse. I can't say I've ever done anything with one of them except rip off the pieces and devour it as quickly as possible. With or without butter. They are good enough to make your gums bleed, as a proper baguette should, but also still tender enough to melt away into nothingness. Divine.

The chocolate-hazelnut donuts from Yann Haute Patisserie often leave me speechless.
My new favourite, and we're talking to-die-for, I would walk a hundred miles for in freezing rain for, are Yann's chocolate hazelnut donuts. Like an Italian bomboloni; a stuffed donut. I am not normally a donut seeker, but I cannot overstate enough, just how absurdly good these are. In one bite, the outer section immediately gives way to a succulent center, chock-full of chocolate-hazelnut pastry cream. I surely could eat a dozen of these in one sitting, if given the opportunity, and hopefully one day I will. It is good to have dreams, is it not?

If you haven't indulged enough yet for the holidays, Yann's will surely help you out.


H.Peter said...

Yes, it's a brilliant spot in Calgary.

That donut is amazing.

Cheryl Arkison said...

They make donuts too? How have I missed that? I usually get the chocolate croissants and brioche.

gail said...

Cheryl - perhaps they run out! I didn't know either, but found them last week.

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