perfect chocolate chip cookie

chocolate chip cookie with fleur de sel

I have made a lot of cookies. So very, very many cookies. It is difficult for me not to, because as soon as I make them, they disappear nearly instantly. Quite miraculous. The more I make them, the faster they disappear. Perhaps my technique is improving?  My technique of demolishing them before they even hit the cooling rack.

One thing I do know, is that despite my vast amount of cookie consumption, is that the cookies found here, and here, are good. Quite good in fact.  The best part is the sprinkle of fleur-de-sel over the top, but I found it worked best if the cookies were removed from the oven part way through their journey for a little salt shower.

And I have this complex about cookies, specifically chocolate chip cookies. You know, how chocolate chip cookies seem to only be good for only the split-second they come out of the oven. Well, these cookies are amazingly delicious even the very next day. That is, of course, if they last that long.

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Michael @ Herbivoracious.com said...

Amen to the bit of sea salt in chocolate chip cookies. I like Maldon in the dough quite a bit as well. Yum!!

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