trattoria cammillo, firenze

facade of Cammillo I love going out for dinner when on vacation in Italy. It's always an anticipated event. And not just for the food, although, I certainly wouldn't argue. But there is something to be said for getting dressed for dinner, taking a leisurely stroll on the way there and getting lost on the way there, enjoying one's company, the surroundings, having a glass, or two, of wine, chatting animatedly, and then meandering home again, but not before lingering over a gelato and a fantastic view. That would perfectly summarize our evening to Trattoria Cammillo, on the Oltrarno side, of Florence. Everything is very, very good, from the service, to the wine, to the food. Nothing too fancy, nothing too simple, but yet elegant and lovely all in one. Tavolo, table. tavolo Vino and acqua. vino Jeff and Dad and surroundings. cammillo Dad is now a mozzarella and pomodoro addict. mozzarella e pomodoro Mom loved the tortellini with a simple tomato sauce, filled with cheese. tortellini pomodoro Jeff had, and I tasted, the risotto alla sepia, with squid ink. The pieces of squid were also very tender, one of the best risottos I've had in awhile. Too bad I couldn't get my shadow out of the way! risotto alla sepia I can't resist buttery tagliatelle with porcini. To die for! tagliatelle with porcini I had to have something fried, "fritto". This was all vegetables. You can just barely see the zucchini blossom peeking out. Crispy, and delicious. fritto Mom & Dad swooned over the chicken parmigiana. Who can go wrong when there are vats of butter involved? chicken parmigiana Jeff had the veal milanese, and of course with butter! But it deceptively, looks like more butter than there was...there was a sauce there too. He wouldn't have a parade about it, he says, but still very good. veal milanese Rabbit spiedine. You'll have to excuse me, as I am partially translating between English and Italian, as in some cases, things aren't always translatable, exactly. At least not for me, as I am still adjusting to speaking solely in English, and not in half Italian, and half English, and half whatever other language seems to pop up! This literally was grilled rabbit on a skewer with rosemary, and it was as tender and juicy as I'd like for anything grilled. Very, very nice. rabbit spiedine After a slow saunter back across the Ponte Vecchio, a covered bridge lined with jewelry shops and mostly swarming with people... ponte vecchio We stopped at one of my favourite gelateria's of all time, Gelateria delle Carrozze. You can order from the counter, or sit and order at a table. Not only is the gelato, virtually perfect, but the mousse, oh my, the mousse. Ferrero Rocher MOUSSE! gelateria della carrozze Trattoria Cammillo, 57R Borgo Sant Jacopo, Florence, Italy, 055 212427 Caffe delle Carrozze, Gelateria, Piazza del Pesce n.3/4/5r (Ponte Vecchio),

055 2396810


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I have been waiting for a taste.
Enjoy for all of us.

Hillary said...

What a trip and what a meal! Now I want to go out for Italian tonight but I'm sure it wouldn't compare to experiencing the real thing! (I want tortellini now!!)

Olga said...

I'm totally with your dad re his love for mozzarello and tomatoes.
Awesome photos!

PK said...

Great story and photos. Makes my mouth water. So jealous.

Global Patriot said...

In our haste to become such a modern country it is sad that we didn't retain the romance that is inherent in Europe - they way they dine, enjoying the beauty of the city as evening takes over.

gail said...

Global Patriot - so true! You are so sentimental - but there really is something to be sentimental about when taking one's time, and enjoying everything as much as possible.

Cajun Chef Ryan said...

Amazing how simply prepared menu items with fresh ingredients can be so wonderful!
Thanks for sharing your culinary adventures!

CCR =:~)

Leahbug said...

Oh you make me want to go back to Italy! Was just there for about 3 weeks at the beginning of the year...bliss!

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