la bussola, firenze

la bussola Looking for a very cool wine bar and pizzeria in Florence? Go to La Bussola. Perhaps some things are best left to unfold naturally, for instance, to discover that great little cafe you return to every single day of a trip, and it never lets you down. And some things are best planned in advance, like researching to find the cozy romantic wine bar, with great food, where you can linger and just unwind. One afternoon, Jeff and I were looking for something to eat, and luckily we happened to find La Bussola. We were lucky, but next time, I will definitely plan to go back. It is dimly lit, and quite cozy. interior, la bussola I ordered a lot of lardo this trip -- what is lardo? Well, it is almost like it sounds! It is cured piggy fat, and it is oh, oh, oh so very delectable. It is best served thinly sliced, and a little bit warm. Like pig butter, but you can't spread it. We started with a bit of prosecco, then enjoyed this cannellini bean crostini topped with lardo (albeit impossible to photograph with the dim lighting, and sheen on the lardo!). There were a few tomatoes to spruce up the middle of the plate. I love lardo, so I was already loving this place. beans and lardo Walnut, pear, honey, and pecorino pizza. It was very rich, but sweetened by the thinly sliced pears and drizzled honey. I would absolutely love to have this pizza again. Love. walnut, pear, honey & pecorino pizza Jeff ordered the sausage, tomato, and truffle pecorino pizza - again fantastic. sausage, tomato, truffle pecorino pizza So while, there are many places in Florence that I still am anxious to try, La Bussola is one of the restaurants at the top of my list to return to again. Ristorante La Bussola Via Porta Rossa, 58/r Florence Tel. 055 293376


A Year on the Grill said...

You have such a beautiful blog. Thank you so much for all the extra work this shows. Luscious.


burpandslurp said...

honestly, I don't know when I'll EVER be in Florence...but I HAVe to go there now, if just for that fabulous Walnut, pear, honey, and pecorino pizza!!! holy moly! What a combo!

Olga said...

The honey/walnut pizza looks great. It'd be fun to replicate it adding peaches or plums.

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