Back in Calgary

We are not in Rome anymore. It was an incredible adventure, each day, day after day. It is nice to be home and I can enjoy an enormous variety of international foods at any time. I am looking forward to doing so. But it is still a little bit shocking. Today, there will be no cappuccini with a dreamy foam layer, no cornetti stuffed into my hands warm and oozing with chocolate inside, and there will be no culatello or hand-sliced prosciutto with the bone still in (which has to make me wonder what kind of prosciutto we really get in Canada, when it is stapled back together??). After one month in Italy, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief, and reflect on what a magical trip it was. And when I say that it was like a fairytale, or a dream, it really was. No flight delays, no complications, no illness, nothing went wrong. Okay, perhaps we did miss Jeff's Ducati factory tour by SEVEN minutes, due to an endless number of errors beforehand.... It must be the only thing in Italy that runs on time(!!), and I can't blame them. However, I do still wonder if there was even another tour at all, and we were just denied the tour, well, just because! Perhaps, this will make more sense in later posts. But, I did somehow manage to convince them to give us another tour, and instead, we received a private tour. So all in all, I am very grateful, and a bit relieved. Now comes the enormous task of documenting the trip on the blog, as there is a lot to share. But, do not fret, there WILL soon be recipes again too. Thank you for being so understanding, as there really was limited internet for the majority of our travels and it would be impossible to post with any kind of specifics during the trip.


Julie said...

You're back! welcome home. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you!

Jennifer said...

Welcome home!

Olga said...

wow, a whole month!? that IS a dream!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I can't wait for the pictures and the memories.
Now... when do you go back?

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