fri five fave food finds

I haven't been that inspired by the summer yet, and I'm not entirely sure why. However, I am hoping that a few of these recipes and ideas will help me wave goodbye to winter as quickly as possible. 1. I should make some simple and delicious raspberry jam. 2. Find a little summer eating, reading, and travelling at danapop. 3. Lemons are so refreshing, and lovely in the summer. Especially, in a pasta dish like this! 4. Anything with rhubarb is a must. 5. When you really need to cool off, be sure to have gorgeous blueberry lemon popsicles on hand, oh my! It's summer, enjoy it!


eatlivetravelwrite said...

if you enjoy lemons in a pasta for a nice light summer dish, see this:


Cheryl Arkison said...

I completely agree with the rhubarb and lemon in pasta faves. Orzo with lemon, mint and feta with my new favourite crisp - strawberry rhubarb with cardamon. Throw a grilled porkchop in there and you have a perfect summer meal.

PS My word verification is 'sumer', how appropriate.

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