fri five fave food finds

It is Friday evening, and I decided it's time for a little vino. And of course one requires a snack too right? Cherry tomatoes, olives, soppressata, aged gouda, and some amarone of course! This week I have continued to search out Italy-bound items, but a few fun things too. Just for you! 1. I love Faith Willinger's blog. I have been reading it non-stop since about last Saturday or so. Yes, it's that informative! 2. I thought this coffee "gadget", the Aeropress, was pretty cool. 3. Thanks to a friend for sending me the recipe for this gorgeous lemon-yogurt cake with cranberries! 4. This coffee chart is useful. 5. Ruth Reichl really knows how to make me smile.

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Rebekka said...

Your photo of the butter is so beautiful, I am nearly in tears.

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