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I'm so ridiculously glad that it's Friday. And not for any really good reason, I mean it was a pretty good week, all in all. OK, so it snowed, and it's the end of April. I'm over it...as if! I just want to sit and do absolutely nothing, and then get back at everything again. Especially the fun stuff, cleaning the car, cleaning out the cupboards, choosing new flooring for the house. Well, really, the flooring is picked out, but no one else agrees that we should spend the money on gray hardwood floors for the main floor. So be it. But it would look soooo good. 1. Bloggers Choice Awards. The food ones. Wow. This is it folks, the blog mecca. I have been reading and perusing non-stop. And voting too - so hop to it! 2. The non-GMO 30-day Challenge. I just wish GMO products things were labeled as such. 3. 100 Ways to Crack an Egg. And what to do with them too! This is a great resource, and inspirational. 4. The Difference between Ice Cream and Gelato. It's all good, but they are not the same. 5. Here's a noodle recipe which uses black garlic. Have a fantastic week, and see you here, same time, same place.


VeggieGirl said...

I'm BEYOND ridiculously glad that it's Friday, haha :-D Happy weekend to ya; and thank you for the great links, as always!!

Gera @ SweetsFoods said...

Nice roundup ....I'm glad that is Friday also!! :)

Have a great weekend!

Jenn said...

Well done. Love the 100 ways to crack an egg. That could be like a fun experiment. (maybe not)

gail said...

VeggieGirl - glad, you're glad it's Friday, and you are so welcome!!

Gera - thanks! And have a good weekend too!

Jenn - heh, that would be a funny experiment. I dare you to do a video post of it :)

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