fri five fave food finds

I hope you didn't think I'd forget! No way! 1. So, I told you about Coca-Cola in Venice. And if you haven't heard, Lucca, Italy, is doing quite the opposite. 2. This local blog, at the root, is a little hard to describe, but perhaps best said as "insights, rants, and observations of the local movement in Alberta". Interesting stuff. 3. Make your own NUTELLA. *IMPROVED VERSION* 4. What to make with the nutella. Nutella Cake by Nigella. 5. french broad luscious chocolates - beautiful hand-crafted chocolates, and a LOUNGE! I haven't tried these, or been there. But it looks fantastic, and perhaps this will inspired a new trip. Oh darn.


Jason said...

Always enjoy reading your fri five faves!

MommyAmy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! :) Snooping around yours and I must say, you've got some great stuff on here! Being a wannabe foodie I LOVE looking at new recipes online.

Oh, and I'm right with ya, if I were going to live overseas Italy would be IT! :)

Bec said...

OMG make your own nutella!

Olga said...

oh wow! that does look amazing! The sandwich....can I have a bite right now?

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