Las Vegas in the Afternoon, or is it Venice?

This is definitely not Venice, so don't get insulted. But there are a few similarities, at least in photos. If you have been to the Venetian, but not to Venice, well, you might be in for a bit of a shock. It's the first day in Vegas, and we didn't gamble one bit. Instead we ate, walked, and shopped. Unfortunately, I can't say the stores are too busy. Actually, completely dead would be more accurate, and it's the last Sunday before Christmas. It's a bit worrisome, as I'm not sure how retailers are going to make it, but I'll take the sales while I can get them. The tower at the Venetian. If you haven't been to Venice, this would be entirely believable. Although, I have to admit, the tower, is a pretty good replica at a glance! Photobucket The Grand Canal. Many shops to peruse, or hop in a gondola for a ride. Photobucket The Doges' Palace. Photobucket


VeggieGirl said...

Love it there!! Both Vegas AND Venice :-D

HoneyB said...

I have never been...lucky you!

Melissa said...

Pretty pictures! :)

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