October 13, fave five food finds

Apparently I love alliteration. Surely, but I do greatly love food. And while I suppose this post should appear on Fridays...my love involves recipes, reviews, and information for guiding my decisions. No one really needs to cook every single evening; chances are good that there is at least one evening to enjoy an encounter with friends or family, and yet another to eat out or a simple meal literally tossed together with a few salads, a favourite cheese, or even a pate or salami. So I do like to find a new recipe and try it, or at least let it serve as inspiration if I cannot find the exact same ingredients. My favourite post of this week, has my mouth-watering with glee every time I imagine the photo. Beans, are yummy, but a "borlotti bean mole with roast winter squash" dish is something I will crave constantly until I make it. I also can't get enough of 101 Cookbooks, as it is full of food and travel ideas. Thanks for the inspiration Heidi! Italy in SF, tells us about the EU seals, designed to protect local foods. I really need to go find some artichokes, as "Braised Baby Artichokes with Garlic, Thyme, and Parmesan", and I am most certain to be devouring every last drop. Just in case I didn't have enough places to travel to, Divina Cucina tells us all about eating in Palermo....sigh. But it looks like I'll be able to make a shorter sojourn to FARM, the new labour of love by Janice Beaton. That is, if I recover from all the goodness of Thanksgiving turkey and dressing!


Betty C. said...

Alliteration is kind of a blogger thing, methinks -- not that we have a monopoly on it! I also like to look for titles with alliteration.

Esteban said...

I absolutely adore alliteration. Adieu.

Bentoist said...

And you have given me some really fave finds yourself. After your post on lavender icecream from Molly's I went and bought culinary lavender so I can cook something with them. That was weeks ago. The lavender is still on my shelf. LOL

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