garlic pumpkin soup

I know what you're saying. Where's the picture? Well, I shouldn't say much more - or I'll take all the fun out of it; well that's if you like surprises. Today, I am a very fortunate guest blogger over at the Haphazard Gourmet Girls site - and you can read all the controversies unfurling over there today. There aren't any controversies with the soup exactly, but they have another thing or too up their sleeve, which I'll leave as a surprise because I know how much you like surprises. The site is food-oriented, but everything else seems to come up too. Check out Sarah Palin's...ummmm....cupcakes. They call them, "Sarah, "You Can't Blink" Palin Cupcakes", and I can't help but fall head over heels for their over the top sarcasm, which is duly noted, and perfectly timed. Hugs and kisses, until I finally make a real post for the month of October.

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QVC said...

well i love garlic

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