food, oh food, what are we to do?

It seems that every food we put in our tummies these days has some sort of complication. Is it organic? Is it grass-fed beef? Was that tomato irradiated? Well it looks like things aren't going to get any simpler anytime soon....well at least in terms of what is fact and what is fiction. So recently, I've been following the blog posts of the Haphazard Gourmet Girls and their efforts to blow many foodie myths out of the water. Literally. Like their interview with Trevor Corson, Sushi Superman. Did you know that the Japanese consider toro as a garbage fish? Or how about eating fish that is not too freshly caught, because it needs time to develop flavour. Well it shouldn't be twitching anyways. Nifty. I also love their post about beef and wine. How could two foods, which are pretty elemental in the history of Western Civilization, have so many conflicting fallacies involved? How should the cows be cared for? And are they really cared for the way we are told? And does Wine Spectator have a clue about what they are doing, or are those ratings just a bunch of hooey? Oh, and in case you had any poetic sensibilities for what you thought was chianina beef? If you thought that the nearly mythic beef at Dario Cecchini's macelleria in Panzano was actually chianina beef, well think again. After reading Bill Buford's book Heat, you too will discover that the beef comes from Spain. It is all in how the beef is raised apparently, and the type of cow itself is of little or no concern. hmmmm. Drinking bottled water? Watch this: And, then in case you aren't sure that food has really gone to the dogs, well take in this flick of one of my favourite food writers, and food expert, Mark Bittman:


Cynthia said...

Thanks for the tip to the Haphazard Gourmet Girls site.

gail said...

Yes - do check them out - the site is also frequently updated, which is helpful too!

Eddie Gehman Kohan, Pleasant Gehman and Cupcake Gehman said...

Oh, lol, Gail, I just came over to see what YOU were talkin' about today, and here we are! Great post about the foodie myth nonsense!
Now we're gonna put YOU over on hap girls...check out the nanotech stuff over there. It's scary. And chocolate rice pudding? Yum! It never fails to amaze me that making things with rice can be so challenging!!

xxx Eddie

gail said...

haps - you guys are seriously funny. Yes it's an oxymoron, but, too cute nonetheless. AND great posts on the fish with Deniro...again, I have to laugh, at well...stupiditiy :)

MikeSushi said...

Just go with the dirt covered produce and the cows who fart flowers.

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