delicious ChikaLicious Dessert Bar, nyc

Photobucket ChikaLicious gets straight to the point. Dessert. And a very sweet point it is. Three courses of artful proportions beginning with an amuse bouche, a dessert of your choice, and petits fours. It enhances the experience to include a wine-pairing, or savour an organic coffee or tea. Chika, the pastry chef, and Don, the sommelier, ensure that very few details go unkempt. The space itself is almost stark-white to focus the eye to the stage at hand - to the preparations by Chika and her assistant. They work as nimble and deftly as possible, occasionally chatting with the curious ogling onlookers, as fascinated by the desserts as intrigued by the artistic process. Intricate details and plating techniques are delicately executed, creating the "perfect afternoon delight." Be sure to coordinate a visit appropriately, the demand is high for a dessert of this caliber without having to wade through multiple courses at a 4-star restaurant with the commendable goal of reaching dessert, and then immediately calling your broker, "sell, sell, sell!" This requires a necessary sense of determination to go out of your way and learn the iPhone's scheduling software and trek to ChikaLicious. Although it is too bad, to those without a tad of patience to wait in line, or willing or able to go early enough to think of ChikaLicious as a necessary pre-dinner evil; think tea-time. Or not, perhaps then there will be a seat left for the rest of us, as there are only 20 intimate seats. Get there early to secure a coveted seat at the counter. If waiting is not possible, or Chika is having an extremely well-deserved day off, then head to the Dessert Club, across the street to stave off a potential dessert drought. ChikaLicious Dessert Bar (203 E. 10th St.), Open Thu.-Sun. 3pm to 10:45pm., Closed Monday - Wednesday Above: stawberry soup with balsamic jelly, and honey lace crisp. Below: profiteroles with espresso granita Photobucket Refreshing watermelon with coconut sorbet: Photobucket Coconut marshmellows, mango and lime gels, chocolate pudding kisses: Photobucket


Sweet Freak said...

ChikaLicious is indeed a divine experience - everything from the delicate desserts and their deliberate presentation, to Dan's hospitality, to the darling china on which the courses are served.

But if the wait's too long, their take-out cafe across the street has great bread pudding... as does the Dessert Truck, now parking at 3rd and 8th, as does Black Hound around the corner on 2nd and 11th.

gail said...

Divine indeed! I have to agree sweet freak that the china is darling. So sweet :) I have yet to eat anything from the dessert truck - but I did see it once, and WOW, everything served nice and yummy. mmm!

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