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Tomorrow, August 8, is the grand opening of Choklat, a new and unique chocolate shop in Calgary. Now, I am reluctant to admit that I have been spoiled by Jacques Torres chocolates and confections in New York, and just have never had anything else like it. I've actually been consuming less (still a lot....) than previous. At the Hudson Street store, you can watch the entire chocolate making process, from the bean to the bar. When in nyc, meander across the Brooklyn Bridge, and there you'll find a mandatory stop at the DUMBO Jacques Torres shop -- which is like a little bit like a heavenly scene out of the movie Chocolat. Enjoy a croissant, a hot chocolate (classic or wicked, with a little spice), and pick out a beautiful box of chocolates to snack on the plane home. I'm scarred for life. But maybe not for long. I have high hopes for this new shop, Choklat, which I intend to check out tomorrow! The concept is very intriguing, and to me, it makes perfect sense. Essentially, it is order only, choose exactly the chocolates you want, and really create your own products. Then pick up your chocolate works of art when you say you want to. Ingenius concept. Get just what you want, when you want. Super fresh. This is brilliant since chocolate is not meant to last for very long, ultimately 7-10 days - really no longer than 14 days if refrigerated. Or else it has all kinds of not so great things added to it to make it last longer hence lowering the quality of the product: "Chocolatiers can get away with extending the shelf life of their product by lowering the dairy content, increasing the amount of sugar in the product, adding alcohol, in the center, and even using preservatives. However in the end the result is, in our opinion, a vastly inferior product to which quality concessions have been made to save money." What's cool, is that these Choklat guys, like Jacques Torres -- as far as I can tell -- both actually make the chocolate. Now, this might sound like news to you or not, but most every "chocolatier" doesn't make their chocolate, but melts it. (Just as Choklat's site will tell you, it's super informative) The website is slick, and it should be - that's the main shop if it will. The idea is, order online, and pick up the goodies at the shop, but I'll go check it out in Inglewood tomorrow. 1327A 9th, Avenue SE, Calgary Alberta, Canada, T2G 0T2, Phone: 403-475-0453 In other news, I was back at 100 Wines today, and there are a few new happenings. The tasting room is almost completed, and it is looking to be fantastic - a very decent size. It's perfect for an engagement party, or other functions. There are seems to be regular tastings happening on Thursday evenings. A few other great concepts like a shelf full of "pinks", "bottles for burgers", and the $20 bottle wall still stands. Best of all, it's a busy place, which makes me happy as I hope it will stay there and stay open! Get out there, and get Calgary yummy!

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Anonymous said...

Brad Churchill here from Choklat.

Thanks for the write up about my business!

We've been open for a week now, and the community feedback has been fabulous!

Thanks again for spreading the word.

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