You can probably tell I'm on holidays in every sense of the word, I have a lot more time to post to this blog! I'm a teacher. I've been absolutely exhausted this year, so now I finally get to chill out a bit. Although, I still haven't unpacked my suitcase from the last trip....soon Jeff and I are off to Seattle, via Rossland BC, Aspen CO, and Vancouver Island. I have spent significant time as a music student at the Aspen Music Festival and School, so I think I have that one covered. I'm still feeling a little vague about the Seattle "list". I know it seems a little crazy to be too organized, but I really do like having the eating planned out for a trip in advance. Then we don't get burned eating too dreadfully, when there are so many amazing options! Jeff and I were in Seattle two summers ago and already have a few places we can't wait to go back to, but here's the list I've scoured so far: MUST GO: -Salumi -shop of Mario Batali's papa -Molly Moon's Ice Cream (Dana from tastingmenu.com) -Lark...this place is FABulous. -Caffe Ladro for coffee and pie -Bizarro 300 mile menu, and all-round tasty sounding menu -Paseo for a Cuban pork sandwich Maybe yes, maybe no: -Lampreia -El Camino -Ooba's Maybe you can help us, where would YOU go?

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