Taste of the show

An empty stomach and grocery store shopping do not mix. I would probably buy the entire store! This is probably also good advice for attending a food convention. With row upon row of samples, and vendors looking to entice new buyers, one could easily eat everything within sight. Which is fine, except in New York, when there is more than just a convention, after all, it's New York! The eating possibilities are endless. I just got back from the Fancy Food Show in New York City, and just want to give you a sneak peek before I give you all the details on the trip, and all the accompanying yummy eats. New York already has some of the very best eats one could imagine, and was miraculously even more enticing with the show. What a great combination! If you can stomach it of course... At first, the food show seemed daunting as there were miles and miles of booths, with samples, tastes, and an overwhelming amount of information. There were thousands of rare and unusual products, and more familiar favourites as well; everything from smoked blue marlin to Walker's Short Bread. As an obsessive-compulsive only virtual New Yorker, I spent hours planning and poring over which restaurants I would check out. It starts to become difficult to choose. Restaurant reviews help, but there are many oddball reviews, which need to be taken with a grain of salt. Finally, the anticipation subsided as I made it to most of the places on my "must eat" list. Usually, my restaurant lists include places with more unusual dishes, which are not available in Calgary. If a restaurant can make it in New York, it pretty much has to at least be good, or it just won't survive. New Yorker's are picky, and for good reason - there's so much choice! In the next few days, I will be making several posts for the highlights of the food show and the city. I think my feet are just starting to recover from all the walking. I just hope my feet won't walk away, as they are very confused, before I can finish giving you the complete details from the trip. Just to get an idea of the enormity of the place, check out those booth numbers! These wheels were fantastically enormous too. It was hard not to want to eat the entire thing, right then and there. Here's an idea of what the booths look like: At the Rougie booth, I ran into Julie from Bite here in town. She introduced me to Chris from Rougie, and we all enjoyed some champagne, and foie gras torchon. How cool is that!?

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