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Warm gianduja, ice milk, hazelnut, fennel Restaurants can be complicated beasts. There can be more than meets the eye. With an increasingly knowledgeable clientele, establishments are continually required to up the ante. Not only does service have to be spot-on, but the food has to taste great. Everyone of course, has a different definition for both of these requirements. At wd-50 in New York, I think both of these requirements are satisfied to please most any discerning customer, or to out of town chefs. It is a restaurant for food lovers, and a visiting chef's delight. I had heard many things about wd-50, but the deal was sealed with a recommendation from a friend of a friend, who is a chef. While many restaurants focus on perfecting their image with perfect china, elaborate centerpieces, and extravagent decor; wd-50 focuses on the execution of perfect dishes every time. The staff are not intrusive, and simply serve to heighten the experience of the food. Knowledgeable, but not patronizing, the staff was fantastic. If they had a suggestion for a dessert, it is whispered in your ear, like a discreet little secret. Of course, I couldn't help but become smitten with a view of the kitchen at the end of the night. Genuine, honest service. While I can ramble about Dufresne's dishes for quite some time, my overall impression can be summarized as "artful food which actually tastes good". There have been many times I have enjoyed seemingly "high-end" food, which looks beautiful, but does nothing for me... In a dining experience, I long to crave my dish, or even a taste of something enticing, and hopefully be lured back to the scene of the crime. I might go back to wd-50 again, although my visiting time in nyc is usually limited, but I would look forward to it. Foie gras, fennel, malt, sherry vinegar jam appetizer: Octopus, avocado, and pumpernickel: Duck breast, spaghetti squash, almond polenta, pomelo molasses: Pistachio ice cream, pineapple, pandan (with heavenly citrus foam): Passionfruit tart, sesame, argan oil, meringue:

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