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*Courtesy Knifewear site I am so excited. Well I was much more excited when I discovered the store, but I am sooo very ecstatic to tell you about the up and running website for Knifewear. Calgary has its very own hamono-ya! Don't worry, I had no idea what it meant either, but it means knife store. Hooray! The cutest little, and I mean little, store in Calgary, owned and run by chef Kevin, "the knife guy". I can't help but love this part, "We like exclusive, scary sharp, high performance blades." HAH. Or the fact that Knifewear began as a way for him to "support his knife buying habit". Very cool, very witty and sharp too. The website is equally cunning. Kevin is hilarious, or so I think. But yes, he can also sharpen your existing knives. This is great! Although I very much like my fingers, my knives are now wickedly sharp, and I nearly fear losing them. My fingers, I mean! However, it is a small price to pay for the ease of cutting tomatoes with ease every time, or peppers for that matter, the nasty critters they can be. Then there is the beauty of the knives he sells. They are so beautiful I could cry. I think I almost did one day selecting a Mother's Day gift (for my mom, although of course, I scoured for myself for future reference...ahem). These knives are not just for cutting, but serious works of art. You can also pick up some funky t-shirts, or gorgeous cutting boards (I'll assume they work pretty darn swell too). Don't worry my mom has not lost any fingers...yet. Nor have I! Check out Knifewear, located inside Bite Groceteria, 1212a 9 Ave SE, Calgary, AB p.s. I swear I will finish my posts about the trip to NYC and the food show. But this couldn't wait.

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