Bistecca Fiorentina

I have heard of the great butcher Dario Cecchini of Panzano in Tuscany, Italy, many, many times. The stories surrounding Dario and his famoso bistecca-fiorentina are legendary. Although, the stories surrounding him seem a little myth-like. A Dante-quoting butcher? The best, and most flavourful steaks in the world? Today, I have stumbled across this nice little snippet of the famous Antica Macelleria Cecchini, and Dario himself. Seeing is believing, but I think I will really believe after eating at the La Scuola a la Grila, which is now the list of things I "must do before I die." It seems that if I do not make it there in this life, however, that it might be possible to make it in another life since the macelleria has been in his family for 250 years. I don't think I will place bets on that one. And now after seeing this short clip, I understand why Cecchini is always quoting Dante; meat requires flame, and Dante told us about hell. As Dario says, maybe it's not that bad with flames to cook steaks like these, perhaps I shall remain hopeful, just in case.

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