24 hours in Seaview, Washington

Photobucket It seems that not many people go to Seaview, and I found this a little surprising, as it has North America's longest sandy beach and tasty seafood to boot. To be honest, it is on an absolutely gorgeous peninsula with a little sun and a good breeze to highlight any child's golden locks. Traipsing between towns, beaches and bakeries, there is little left to desire for a nice sojourn. Somehow, everything seems a little "untouched", as if we are wandering where no tourist has gone before, just lucky travelers. Perhaps we just hit it on an "off" year, but it is the quaint solitude of this place which makes it immensely enjoyable to visit. Photobucket While I wouldn't exactly say that it was a fluke we ended up here, but somehow, I found the Shelburne Inn with many splendid reviews of its hospitality and delicious breakfasts. We were on the way to Seattle, and not even knowing exactly where Seaview was, we knew it had to be close enough as a little reprieve from driving before hitting Seattle. The historical Shelburne Inn: Photobucket A beautifully plated breakfast: Photobucket Photobucket When I told Jeff to "Go fly a kite", he actually could, thanks to Above It All Kites of Long Beach, Washington, which is just up the street from Seaview. He was just like a kid in a kite store. Although this kite was no joke; with two strings, it was lifting Jeff off the ground with sheer force. He was absolutely giddy. An enjoyable and fun lunch can be found at Julie's Loose Caboose Diner. It's a kitschy kind of place, and in Seaview this is just what the doctor ordered. If travelling with a 5 year-old boy, I am sure he would be over the moon - eating in a styled train, with a toy train going around the restaurant: Photobucket Just watch the little train go around the track, and try to decipher all the signatures on the $1 bills. Sure, it's a little bit tacky, but the food is alright, and while the clubhouse sandwich could have used fresh roasted turkey breast, the clam chowder (top) wasn't too shabby.The chowder was creamy, but not overly gritty, as the potatoes were not too starchy. Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the homemade berry pie, which sounded delicious -- touched up with a little rhubarb. Photobucket There are many other great things to check out on the peninsula. There's the adorable little bakery and coffee shop in Oysterville, horseback riding on the beach, and dining at the Crabpot (hint: get the crab legs). In the very least, take someone to hold hands with and stroll along the beach.

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Tom Aarons said...

It's really cold here at the moment and that chowder looks like it would be perfect with fresh crusty bread. Yum!

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