Wedding Cake

**Photo by Alan Maudie
You are right. It is not a cake at all. It's a wheel of parmigiano-reggiano cheese! Jeff and were married in July of 2007 (yay!)...and we wanted to serve our guests really good food without being pretentious. So there was no sit-down dinner, but lots and lots of food. I don't have enough fingers to count the number of functions I have left completely famished.

OK, I'll admit it. And we hate wedding cake. A wedding cake might look good, but is expensive and terrible. It either tastes like corn syrup or cardboard. So I suppose that bottom line, it never tastes good...Jeff has tried a LOT of them as he plays sax at a lot of weddings... OK, OK, maybe good, but not GREAT.

And mostly we just love gelato, and wanted to serve it for dessert. But how much dessert do people need? Not THAT much. We still kinda liked the idea of the visual presentation a cake provides, plus I have been for years inspired by a Martha Stewart episode in which she presents a wheel of parmigiano similar to the above. So a wheel of parmigiano for general noshing, and gelato for dessert. Yum. Plus this stuff will still actually be good in a year; it was vacuum-packed right away. There was 80 lbs of it! But we have already consumed, or given away most of it. Can't wait to get the next one though.


Jillian said...

Yes, that was some fine cheese! Good choice on parmesan vs. cake!

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

What an awesome idea! :)
I love the idea of serving gelato - my personal favorite!

Fortunately we found a FABULOUS bakery here - so we will be enjoying another Italian favorite - Zuppe Ingelese wedding cake for our wedding in a few weeks!

Welcome to The Foodie Blogroll! :)

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