tropical paradise

Well Jeff and I didn't go anywhere for spring break. Instead, we opted to buy a lot of tropical fruit, and pretend that we didn't hear the phone ring. It mostly worked. It was easier with the help of More Than Mangos, who import exotic fruit and a few other products from Central and South America.

Having heard about, and tried some of their fruit from Bite Groceteria, we went to check out their weekly fruit market at Canyon Meadows Community Hall from 2pm - 8pm. It was a lot of fun! All these fruits we had never tried, or even seen before. We bought a lot of fruit, some of which we loved, and some of which we will make into yummy things like ice cream. Our favourites were the avocadoes, and the dragonfruits. As you can see, the avocadoes, are beyond enormous....my hands aren't THAT small! The dragonfruits never made it to photos. I have had other dragonfruit, which were okay...More Than Mangos dragonfruit are AWEsome.

The avocadoes make for a fantastically yummy sandwich on the go. Oddly enough, when we went to Bite Groceteria to pick up the baguette (GO, they are AMAZING!), we bumped into Andres, one of the owners of More Than Mangos. This was lucky for us, because he gave me some tips on ripening their enormous mangos as I haven't had any luck yet. They have become partially rotten, but still not ripe! Sandwich...only slightly more difficult than PBJ. Basically, just slice some avocado, tomato, a little basil, and some salt:
The photo at the top shows a few of the varieties of fruit we enjoyed - orange passionfruit (granadilla), guava, and lulo's (l-r). All really, really yummy. The passionfruit's and lulo's also tasted fabulous with greek-style yogurt and honey. Want to go to exotic places? Check it out: www.morethanmangos.com, or pick up some fruit when you stop in at Bite Groceteria (Inglewood, Calgary)

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