Nectar of Yum!

Sometimes I just want something sweet. Well sweet and a little tart, and I don't want to.....or can't (for whatever reason) make it myself. This is especially true of desserts. Last January, Jeff and I ventured to ChikaLicious in NYC, and I still can't wait until we can go back. Essentially, it is a dessert bar with three courses, and beautiful wine pairings. Everything was very refined, but very satisfying. However, ChikaLicious is also very far away!

Obviously, we don't expect ChikaLicious to pop up in our neighborhood in cowtown, but at least something a little better than complete gluttony would be fantastic. Until now, there was really nowhere in the evening, in Calgary, to go just for dessert that is just for dessert, and is a cut above slabs of ice cream or cheesecake. Something a little bit more refined, but still satisfying without having to go to a restaurant. Thankfully, there is finally an answer to my prayers.

Nectar Desserts in Calgary's Inglewood is a nice cozy place to enjoy a cocktail, glass of wine, or a coffee, but far more importantly, a yummy dessert. This includes many kinds of tarts and cakes. It even feels a little bit like NYC, as if you can watch the world going by from the upper level. The first time Jeff and I stopped in, we couldn't help but to stay. I ordered a trio of chocolate with the amarone wine pairing. This is a fabulous way to cheer up a dull week! The caramel chocolate tart was the highlight for me. It had a chocolate crust, a buttery and gooey caramel mid-section, and chocolate ganache on the top. The best part of it was the little bit of fleur-de-sel in the middle, and there are few things which highlight the flavour of chocolate more than a nice bit of salt. Very nice. Wine was good too. Somehow I must have been exceedingly engrossed in my dessert that I completely forget what Jeff had. But he did have a very nice vin santo paired with his dessert, which he really enjoyed.

The duo of desserts above were from a purchase another day. The blackberry tart with lemon mousse must have been good, because I inhaled it. I love blackberries, and they were highlighted perfectly. And again, the chocolate caramel tart was killer, but this time with cocoa nibs. Jeff also picked up a piece of lemon chiffon cake. I am not the biggest fan of cake for cake's sake, but I did really like the frosting. It tasted like someone made it with real ingredients (thank goodness!!), not just junk.

I also picked up a bottle of vanilla ($14.95). I have yet to open it and take the first whiff!

Check out Nectar, and save a seat for me. Upstairs – 1216 9th Avenue SE in Inglewood


Wiggles said...

hhmmm sounds delicious!

Karmen said...

Oooh, I LOOOOVE Nectar. Haven't been there for a while though - thanks for the reminder :)


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