Oh what to do?

Jeff went back to Bite on Thursday to pick up some more duck. I can't really blame him, but he came home with virtually the entire store, plus a few items that Bite will hopefully be carrying soon. He bought a gigantic aromatic mango, organic crème fraîche, 2 250 mL of organic 54% cream, canned cherry tomatoes, a baguette, and a duck breast. We were excited because these are some very cool items, that you just can't normally get. Time to experiment.

We made the duck recipe below..and I altered some of the cooking times. We consumed most of the baguette before the duck was cooked - mostly just tonnes of butter, and we made a simple bruschetta with the tomatoes. It doesn't really work as bruschetta, but more as a good tomato sauce.

We made an enormous mistake...for some odd reason we thought we were going to make whipped cream out of one of the bottles of 54% cream. First of all, you can barely get the cream out of the bottle, it is insanely thick. We should have known....within 10 seconds we had whipped butter. Oops! Luckily, it ended up tasting great on our breakfast crêpes with berries, but it certainly wasn't whipped cream. We saved the rest for slathering on bread with dinner. After spreading it on slices of bread, we sprinkled a little kosher salt on it. It didn't last very long.

I love the crème fraîche, it is very rich and only a little of the tang sour cream has. I was making chocolate bread pudding, and you HAVE to have ice cream to make it seem less rich. Seriously! CBP (chocolate bread pudding) as we like to call it contains no bread, but croissants instead. So, I purchased a greek-style 8% fat 750g tub of yogurt. I beat in a 3/4 cup of vanilla sugar, and 1/2 cup of crème fraîche. I put it directly in the ice cream maker and it came out wonderfully. It was so rich, and tangy. Except, the fat content is still not high enough. When I tried a taste the next day, the consistency was too solid. Next time, I will add a bottle of the 54% cream - that should help. I will re-post the recipe then; it has a lot of potential. I'll probably add a tablespoon or two of honey too. Yum!

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