The sleepy little Italian town of Zibello, near Parma, is home to Trattoria La Buca. A treasure, but certainly not hidden, there are signs everywhere to ensure you do not miss out. Trattoria La Buca, is THE place to eat, and enjoy culatello, a cured ham. It is the kind of place families go for a Sunday meal, or gentlemen congregate to discuss business. It is packed at about 10pm, not before, and there is only ever one seating. The waitress glowed when we ordered Lambrusco; they have their own bottles. It complements the rich culatello, buttery pastas, and veal beautifully. And what is not to love about salty and sweet culatello, served with sweet butter? At first the food seems so simple, but then you think about how much time and love must go into creating the perfect culatello, the perfect ravioli, and the incredible roast veal. The handmade pasta's are not just flavourful, but colourful as well; they have a beautiful orange hue from the farm-fresh eggs. Nonna presides over everything, and her food makes you wish she was sharing secrets with you in your own kitchen. No really, I REALLY do wish.

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