It's fun to say sgroppino

Photobucket Vini da Gigio is a great restaurant to enjoy many of the specialties of Venice. There are restaurants which are more expensive, and restaurants which are less expensive, but this one is juuust right. When travelling, I try to order all the things I could never enjoy at home, and Vini da Gigio is just the place to try many different Venetian specialties. This is one of the many reasons I chose this restaurant (plus it seems to be mentioned absolutely everywhere, with never a negative quip), but ultimately it came down to the piatto crudo (raw platter). It has many varieties of seafood, and was swimmingly fresh. While it is possible to order amarone (a full-bodied red wine) at many fine establishments here at home, if you have never enjoyed a bottle of amarone, do not leave Venice or the Veneto without doing so. Vini da Gigio is just the place, and there are numerous possibilities. Not only does it perfectly accompany the food, but why would you go to Venice to drink Chianti? To many Italians, that would be like going to a steakhouse and ordering salmon. Many restaurants in Italy serve nearly exclusively local wines. Local in Italy does not mean wines from all of Italy, but from strictly the region in which the food is also from....or maybe even solely from the farm across the street! In Tuscany, you will find mostly Tuscan wines. In the Veneto, there are wines strictly from the Veneto, etc. There are a couple exceptions - extremely touristy restaurants, and very high-end restaurants. Do keep in mind, that nearly every restaurant in Venice IS a tourist restaurant in some sense, because tourists eat there...however, the quality and any authenticity can be lost. All of the dishes at Vini da Gigio are refined, and quite elegant. Who could resist a risotto with squash and truffles? Equally compelling is the grilled cuttlefish, and white polenta; or tuna encrusted with sesame seeds. Apparently, the lemon which so often accompanies seafood in Venice is not actually for squeezing onto the fish! It would only be used for inferior quality seafood, and to mask a foul flavour. Makes sense. The lemon slice is for decoration and tourists who do not know better. Now, if all of the other courses weren't reason enough, or enough for the tummy...dessert is lovely too. Try a sgroppino. It is essentially lemon sorbetto, prosecco, and vodka all shaken or mixed together and was served in a champagne flute. How can you go wrong? It must be the perfect summer dessert, simple and refreshing. Now, with all that goodness in your tummy, you should have enough energy to meander home. Vini da Gigio Cannaregio 3628 a tel- +39 041 5285140 fax +39 041 5228597 www.vinidagigio.com

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